About Blog Tambayan

About Blog Tambayan

Who are the Filipinos? What do they do? Where they are? What is so special about them? How do they differ from other countries? You will find all answers here on Blog Tambayan, from the smallest thing to the greatest things and important news that is currently happening in the Philippines. “Even when I was a child, I was wandering “Ano ba ang maging isang Filipino?” Halika, at ating tuklasin ang mga katotohanang bumabalot sa mga “Filipino”!!

What is a “Tambayan”?

Tambayan(Pass-Time Place) is a place where Filipinos spend their time for leisure, relaxation and most of all chitchatting to each other. Tambayan serves as a meeting for us Filipinos where many things are being talked about. And this is one of the unique thing that other race don’t have (In my opinion). This is also a place where meet for the first time and form relationships that will last for a long time. So why don’t you try to go here, to our “Tambayan”. Tara TAMBAY tayo!!

Why do we need to read Blog Tambayan?

Everyone should know who they are, what they are in the world. All of us have identity unique to others. And of that is the Filipinos, even though the term is used in a race they have their distinct and unique characteristic other. The aim of this blog is to trace the root of the Philippine culture that makes them unique to others. Even Americans and other races should read this blog because this will create a more broader perspective about Filipinos. And also they can have a basis in comparing themselves to Filipinos. Tourist spots will also be found here so that foreigners can visit the Philippines and see the beauty of the “Pearl of the East” (Perlas ng Silangan).


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