Busby SEO Challenge

Well, I think its time for to focus on my efforts on winning the Busby SEO Challenge. I don't really expect winning but what I'm after is the experience to showcase my talent in SEO. I want to enter the top 100, what will the winner be bringing home?

Busby SEO Challenge Prize

  1. First Prize : $5000

  2. Second Prize : $2000

  3. Third Prize : $500

Start Time: 1st June 2008 (12:00 midday, Perth, WA)
Finish Time: 31 August 2008 (12:00 midday, Perth, WA)

And if you want to see the whole details about the Busby SEO Challenge, click here.

What will I do if I win? Well, I will invest on having my own self-hosted blog for me to earn more. I know that there are many people who joined but I'm not losing hope. I will put all my efforts into it. So watch me.

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