I'm Banned in Entrecard!!

Can you believe that?! An email was sent to me saying the I was banned because of not having certain blog qualities they are looking. And for once I thought that entrecard was for everyone (bloggers). Here is the copy of the email sent to me.

And what does "Rule 6" says? Is says "Excessive ads: Blogs that contain excessive advertising, affiliate links, and those classified as splogs (spam blogs) will be removed." This is what I have to ask you my dear readers, Do you really think that this blog is a "splog"?

Well this is what I have to say to them, I don't mind removing me in their list. Why? Because the traffic that this blog acquires from them is very minimal, and a big percentage comes from search engines (organic traffic). And those clicks that come from entrecard is just blog traffic and maybe a very little number of them are blog readers not as to search engine traffic.

Lesson learned: Don't expect much on others to increase your traffic. It is you who will build up your own blog traffic from the contents you post on your blog.

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  1. blanne said...
    Hey that sounds bad. I guess they considered your blog a splog due to the numerous advertisements here..

    I think you need to remove the entrecard widget though, since it isn't useful anymore..

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