Nike has secured waivers from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to run ads featuring Olympic athletes during the duration of the Beijing Games.

Tim Crow, ceo of Synergy comments: ‘Nike is a special case, but it sets a very dangerous precedent. People from other categories will say, "If Nike can get a waiver then why can't we get one?' It's a very dangerous precedent".

According to a spokesman from Nike, the IOC regulations will be stricter surrounding the London Olympics in 2012. The spokesman said that the rules had been similar in Athens four years ago, but not at the Sydney Games in 2000.

The first ad, launched today, is a viral campaign starring Beijing 2008 medal hopeful, Kelly Sotherton. Nike will also run ads featuring marathon runner Paula Radcliffe as well as other as yet undisclosed key athletes.

The Sotherton ad shows the heptalthete undergoing a polygraph test and stating categorically that she ‘will win gold in Beijing'. Sotherton is interviewed on camera by psycho-physiologist Dr Hilary Witchel answering a series of questions, including ‘out of the seven events is javelin your weakest?' and ‘do you ever hope one of your opponents chokes?'

Four years ago in Athens, Sotherton won a bronze medal and will now go for gold in Beijing tomorrow and Saturday. The ad can be viewed at (source - BrandRepublic)

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