On the rice farm there is a house standing beside which can accommodate at least 3 persons and every morning there is a man that goes out wearing a blue cap, blue jeans, and a white polo and just finished his teenaged years. He did not finish his bachelors’ degree because both of his parents died in an accident so he had to support himself to live. And when the sun is down the Matthew goes back home. He’s tall, dark, and quite thin man but even though he has the strength to carry his heavy bag everyday. Each morning he leaves his house goes to the office and then to any place, city to city, village to village, and house to house leaving something there. There are times that the rain is making him wet and dogs running after him.

One day while he was walking down the street where many are walking in a hurry wearing coat and tie a man approach him and said if he could give the thing to that girl sitting and drinking coffee. Matthew accepted the request, and then he approaches the girl and said that someone wants to give you this. When the girl started to open it, Matthew started to walk away when suddenly the girl said “Thank You” in a pleasing manner. And he looked back and saw the girl smiling at him. The girl is pretty and adoring that it seems you are watching an angel descend down from the heavens. And Matthew walked away to continue his work. When Matthew came down a pedestrian an elderly woman is standing there. When the street is cleared he escorted the elder to the other side. The woman said to Matthew “you’re quite a gentleman and a lucky man” which made him puzzled. The sun came down and as always he goes back to his home, a quiet and lonely home.

The night is different from the past nights that he had because its four and still he can’t sleep. Maybe because he’s thinking what the old woman said or what the girl said. Three hours past and he gets himself ready to go to work when he saw the calendar that its Sunday and it means that he gets his day off. He decided to relax for the day in the park where children are playing and families are gathering but that view made him miss his parents. Tears are starting to fall in his eyes when he noticed that same pretty girl he saw came and sat beside him and asked, “You’re the one who gave it me, right?” Matthew is about to say no when she asked another “where do you live?” “What is your job?” He answered it one by one and they began exchanging stories. Knowing that what is happening between the both of them is not right because someone else is in love with her and that is the one whom asked Matthew a favor of giving it to the girl. And the following Sundays they always meet at the same spot. Then one Monday while he’s walking down the busy street someone knocked him down. Matthew stood up and saw the man who asked him to give it to the girl. The man said “I just asked you if you could give it to her but now you’re trying to take her away from me, I bet you didn’t finish college.” Matthew replied saying “it is not my fault if she fell for me and to you, because of what you are showing right now”. Matthew tried to add more words when the man threw a second punch to him saying, “She’s too high for you to reach.” And the man left him on the street.

And Sunday came and the girl approached him as always, she said I know what happened and talked to him about the matter. She added, “I told him that it is you whom I’ve fallen for and not him.” But Matthew replied, “He’s right, you’re too high for me to reach” and left her alone. He went on the seashore trying to relieve of his problems. Thinking what his parents might advice him to do when he saw the old woman that he helped across the street approached and stood beside him. The woman said to him “where ever they are, they would say to you that every problem there is a solution”, and Matthew asked her “how did you know?” She told him that they were friends back then and she wants to help Matthew to finish his bachelors’ degree. Matthew smiled as if a child received a gift.

After a few years on a Sunday morning the girl is on the park as always, her head is bowed and looking on the ground for nothing. She turned her head to look on her back and saw a man dressed neatly and looks so intellectual that gave something to her. She smiled and said “Thank you” in pleasing manner.


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