The Alligator River

The Alligator River

(As most stories begin)
Once upon a time in a river filled with alligators, a girl name Abigail lives on the west bank of the river and on the other side is where her boyfriend Greg lives. They both love each other and long to see each other.

Then one day, Abigail is so eager to see Greg that she decided to cross the river but there is one big problem. She needs a boat to cross the river but unfortunately she doesn’t have one. After an hour, she wandered down the riverbanks and met Seth who happened to have a boat. She approach Seth and asked if she could borrow his boat. Seth agreed to let her borrow his boat in exchange for one condition. And the condition is Seth will let Abigail use his boat if she will sleep with him for one night. Startled as Abigail is, she continued to walk down the riverbanks and saw June. She approached June and asked him to help her with problem. And June replied, “go away!! Leave me alone!!”

Abigail became desperate and goes back to Seth and slept with him for one night. The next day she crossed down the river with the use of the boat she borrowed from Seth. Now Abigail and Greg gladly embraced each other. And Abigail said to Greg what had happened but Greg responded with “I can’t believe you did that!!! Lets forget all about us together, go away!!” Tears fell from Abigail’s beautiful and shining eyes.

And as she is cries and walks away from Greg, Larry approached her. Larry asked her why she cries. Abigail told all to Larry, emotionless as Larry became. Larry went to Greg with Abigail. Larry threw a punch in Greg’s face. Smile and laughter appeared to Abigail’s face as the bloody fight continues…


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