The Filipino Way

As all of the Nations in the world, Filipinos also have a negative trait. And it is clearly seen in the Philippine society today but not noticed even for me. And these negative traits are hindering the Philippine economy to progress. And these are some example of them:

• “Crab Mentality”
It is good to think that Filipinos are competitive in whatever field they choose but if you’re process of out-witting your competitor is by pulling him down, is it a sign of “Crab Mentality”. Instead of doing that you should develop yourself to become better than your competitor so that the competition will grow. And if the competition is healthy the benefits you will receive will also grow. To better understand, let’s put it this way. Company B is the competitor of Company A. Both of them are developing their product better than the other one. In result, even though one of them is inferior to the other, they still exist in the competition. Both of them help the economy through giving taxes in the government. But if Company A arouses an issue against Company B, the highest possibility for the latter is to retaliate by throwing a different issue against the former. If this happens, they will turn their attention to the issue thrown to them instead of thinking a way of improving their products. In result, their customers will be dismayed and will find another company that will satisfy their needs.

• “The Manyana or Mamaya Na Habit” (you will delay the things you can do for today)
I am aware of this one, because I always do this even though I’m trying my best not to do it. This bad habit is going to be the cause for cramming in your work. In order to avoid this you should be able to finish your work on an earlier date before the deadline. This bad habit is commonly seen in Philippine government offices. If you file an application for a legal permit, it will surely take a long time to finish. This is because they always delay their work so in result the applications in their office are pilling – up to a bulk. This also makes their work to be hard for them. In conclusion, if you have this habit you are always in a delay or cramming for the deadline.

• “Ningas – Kugon or They exert effort only at the start”
Some Filipinos exert their full effort only at the start of the work but as time pass, that effort starts to decrease. It mirrors the characteristic of Filipinos of being a show-off. That is why most of the government projects in the Philippines is only from the start, and ends there. And almost all candidates for government position use this strategy in election period. Just to show the people that they are worthy of your vote.

I hope that this common “Illness” of Filipinos should be removed in our way of living.
Could you suggest a way of doing this?


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