This is the republishing of my blog because I was having trouble in my codes, I have these two widgets that have the same name. And if I delete the other one, an error is shown in the pop-out box. And when I upload a new layout, the same error shows up. I didn’t have a choice but to delete the old blog and create a new one. I changed the layout but contents are still the same and more of the proper way blogging using the right thing to blog on the right time to blog it.

I would also want to say that I’m planning to launch a separate blog for my school organization (New Era Junior Marketing Association-NEJMA). This blog will tackle the activities made indie and outside the campus and also the latest news on the marketing industry in the Philippines. I hope you support this one too.

(Will anyone please help me about the problem I had? Cause I don’t that “Blogger” knows about it.)

Please help me build my traffic back as a fellow Filipino…


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