I agree with what Yugatech had said that levelupgames.ph is the top philippine website as of today. And come to think of it, the events that level-up creates like the LU Live and POG is helping them boost their traffic, they owe it to the online gamers and some bloggers who saw and attended it. This the ranking that Abe said:

# 1 levelupgames.ph, Alexa Rank: 1,241
# 2 e-games.com.ph, Alexa Rank: 1,857
# 3 mp3-codes.com, Alexa Rank: 2,105
# 4 inquirer.net, Alexa Rank: 2,414

And for inquirer.net who always boast of their traffic, you just lost your spot like on TV station that I know.If you will see the population of Philippines, a large number of it belong to kids, teens and the 20's. And these people plays online games that belongs to level-up. And people who always visits inquirer.net are only those who are concern with public news and the business world. You can see in the graph that in the month of September, the traffic of level-up drastically increased. Its because that is the time when level-up held its LU live where online gamers from all parts of the Philippines gathered for the competition and also to meet some friends.

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  1. TARUGOMAN said...
    And don't forget Inquirer has been around for quite a while. Also, based on their previous press releases, a large chunk of their traffic comes from overseas--you know OFWs Expats, etc, (hence the very numerous real estate ads on their page).

    Sure you have traffic that reaches the top spot (they used to be number 1 too) but if you were a local advertiser, it would not make much sense to advertise there because you wouldn't be hitting the right market. =P

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