Lately someone asked me how to make people subscribe to his posts. In answer to that, I will give these tips on "How to increase your RSS feed".

Educate your Readers:
Making your readers know that subscribing to your feeds will keep them updated to your posts. And tell them that it will be convinient for them.

Make your posts interesting:
Readers are bored if the 2 sentences of your posts are not interesting, and in effect of that no one will ever read the rest of your post. And no one will subscribe to your feeds because they will not be wanting to read any of your posts anymore.

Make your Feed chicklet visible:
Placing your feed chicklet on the "welcome Page" is very enticing and attractive. It is also the same principle as to billboard ads. Making it visible to readers "want to" click it.

Comment Trick:
In posting comment to other blogs, instead of placing your blog's URL place your feed's URL. It will surely increase your feed count in just a month.

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