Taiwan computer and components maker Asus has opened a new office in the Philippines as part of efforts to beef up sales for its PC and components product line up.

Asus is currently enjoying a windfall not only from its components business, but also from its laptop product line. The company earlier launched the eePC, an ultra-light, internet-centric mobile unit the proved to be a hit in Asia and other markets. According to Benson Lin, Sales Director, Asus Asia Pacific, the company is enjoying its phenomenal sales for its eePC line, and that demand has overtaken supply.

"We sold over 1.3 million eePC units in the first four months since it was launched. Now, we see an overwhelming demand."

The executive further said Asus is undaunte with the release of the "netbook" a sub-notebook category that microprocessor giant Intel has pushed. The company said eePC is considered a netbook. Lin said the demand is always there even if others are set to release their own machines with the same specifications as the eePC. He also said in fact, the next-generation of eePCs will have an Atom processor, the chip that Intel designed and launched particularly for the netbook category.

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