I am now a legitimate member of SocialSpark and I wanna try my luck to earn money from it. At first I had a hard verifying my blog because their are problems that I don't know. But now, here is my proof of being a mmember of SocialSpark. If anyone want me to help you by earning money from SocialSpark, just add ne as a friend and I'll confirm it. I just hope that they will approve this post. Currently, I am trying to earn money because I want to buy my own webhosting service wich includes a domain name of course. Because some paid to post site require their members' blogs to have their own domain name, and I am just a poor boy with no job currently, trying my luck in blogging. Does anyone of tried this one? If you do, leave a message here so we talk about it! We can help each other, the more blogger, the merrier! Oh! By the way, this is the code of ethics of SocialSpark for us to know what kind of a site they are.

-100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure
-100% Transparency
-100% Real Opinions
-100% Search Engine Friendly

There are some requirements before they approve my post.
First, the post must have a link directing to them. Just like this: SocialSpark
Second, your post must have at least 250 words. What that long! Wait! I think my brain is bleeding, I need help! This may vary depending on the opportunity you've taken. Whew! Thats a relief!
And last, your post must have this badge. Like the one below.
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