You want high speed internet connection but tight on budget? Worry no more, because Charter Communiactions is offering high speed internet with speeds as fast as up to 5Mbps for only 14.99/month. You'll get reliable service with no long-term contracts required. Plus with this special offer you can try the first 30 days risk-free!

What will I get from Charter Internet?

  • High Speed Internet up to 5Mbps to surf up to 90X faster than 56kbps dial– up and 3X as fast as 1.5Mbps DSL.

  • 10 email accounts for the whole family to use with a 20mb web space if you want to to put up your own site.

  • Download in seconds, not minutes plus a reliable always-on, always-fast connection.

  • With additional freebies like daily news, weather, and local movie listings.

Now feel how generous Charter Internet is. And bring the convinience to your home.
Sponsored by Charter

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