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We all know that we are in the information age and one of the in-demand careers today is IT. Many companies need IT graduates with sufficient knowledge and ability to handle the task given. Firms will not admit applicants that are doubtful of their skills, so they need certification. And "Cisco certification" is one of the many comapanies offering IT Certifications.

But the question is, why would I enroll to Cisco certification? The answer is simple, its because they offer the education you will ever need and many companies recognize Cisco.

The institution offers different levels of certification, Entry and Associate Level, Professional, Expert, and Specialist Level. Each of which has different kinds of training and different level of positions you can apply when you finish the course. IT education is what Cisco best at, so you can be sure of enrolling to them. A brighter future awaits you in the IT industry if you are recognized by companies. And those who already enrolled with them can testify to that. Shiran Guez is a CCNP living in Israel and recently completed his CCIE in Routing and Switching. He learned how to get into networking and he has an ongoing perspective on networking in Israel, he is one of the many who got certification from Cisco.

In my personal point of view, if I were to be given another chance to study to college I will take IT as my course because I believe that you will get hired immediately. Unlike now, I'm having hard time finding a job that will suite for my course. I will leave it up to you to decide what actions you will take. We all have to be updated with whats happening in the world.

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