My Adsense Earnings today

Today I've encountered that startled me. My Adsense earnings reached $0.65 with just 1 click. It seems strange to me because in my past experiences with adsense, it took me several clicks before I earned that high. Could someone please tell me how did this happened? You can look at the image below. Click it to enlarge.


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  1. scelto said...
    mine is still 0.4 for 3 months! lol
    Gem said...
    Not all ads let you earn $0.01 per click. It is possible that a user happened to get interested in a higher paying adsense ad, and that click earned you $0.65.
    Cebu Seo Contest said...
    i coudn't agree more with gem. There are high paying ads that users might click. I had once made a chamba with the clicks. $1 per click, the user clicked twice, thats 2 dollars within 2 minutes. Kaya lang hindi na naulit haha anyhow, this is a great site. i added this to my list, i will visit once in a while. thanks JAN,

    Sedna said...
    Wow, Jayl nacheck mo ba kung anung keyword ung na-click nila??
    Lhurey said...
    thats not bad.. said...
    Another perspective is that you might have received a targeted (placement) ad where your site was one of those that got included. That maybe the value of one click on your site.

    I made one recently citing a hundred blogs. I was amazed that one SEO-intense local blog was worth 17 pesos a click while another award-winning blog was 8 pesos. The others, no matter how high traffic didn't merit any click.
    2008 beijing olympics rankings said...
    @sedna - that time hindi ko pa alam yung channels. haha charged nalang sa experience. i thought magdi-dire-direcho eh.. sna na-optimize ko ng maayos yung keyword. next time siguro. BTW, i love the shirt on your avatar. im wearing one right now, it says "is chow yun fat" ahehe

    also loving do-follow blogs,
    Petitehye said...
    Hello, dropping by and hope you are okay. Drop at us anytime you are available. You can also check informantion on how to Watch Olympics 2008 Live Online Free Coverage there. See you ;0
    Paula Neal Mooney said...
    Yeah, some advertisers pay a lot more than a few pennies per click -- so you could make more than that for one click.

    But don't make a habit of showing how many clicks you get from Adsense, because you can tell the amount of cash made online blogging, but Google doesn't want people to tell how many clicks they've gotten.

    Just a future note for future posts you put up.

    Have fun blogging!
    don_ser said...
    wahh. nangyari din yan sakin nuon. 1 click = $3 dollars. mer0n talagang advertisers na malaki yung binabayad. ngayon 600 clicks a day per0 $20+ lang. ang liit nga eh.

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