Controversial and at the heart of much debate, a stem cell transplant is the procedure where the body might not produce enough stem cells within the bone marrow, and other stem cells are transplanted in their place. Sometimes referred to as a bone marrow transplant, a stem cell transplant is often used to treat sicknesses such as Leukemia, Myelofibrosis, certain forms of cancer, and Aplastic Anemia.

Stem cells may be taken from bone marrow or from the blood of an umbilical cord. Since stem cells are early cell forms, they will conveniently adapt and raise into the species of cells the body needs. Some of the benefits of a stem cell transplant include aiding the body replace damaged stem cells as well as replace and renew cells that might have get cancerous or malignant. When new, healthy stem cells are transplanted they often comprise high levels of immunity and can strengthen the body's weakened immune system.

Undergoing a stem cell transplant is a highly risky procedure and there are various possible complications that might ensue. It is imperative to discuss all of the advantages, risks, and potential complications with your doctor and to extensively investigate the process being proposed. Some of the most prevalent complications include failure of the stem cell to take, problems for blood vessels or organs, maturing cataracts and cancers which are secondary to present cancers, plus a specific condition called Graft versus Host Disease that outcomes from donor stem cells.

For those who undergo stem cell transplants, it might consume to one year before your body becomes normalized, especially if donor cells were used. Healing is quicker when the transplant uses a person's own stem cells. For people that find accomplishment with their stem cell transplant, and whose bodies do not reject the cells, effects are great as well as the patient often enjoys a life free of illness and ailment

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