I saw some article on different websites about Philippine Prudential Life. Considering the fact that Im one of the policy holder of Philippine Prudential not to mention I'm actually spending my hard-earned money on my insurance plan I think I have an obligation to make sure that im committing on the right company.

I've been wanting to write up my encounter for PPLIC representatives for a long time ago, but I'm worried that it will be too skeptical/negative. I'm more concern about their reputation as some rip-off reports has been wide spread on the internet that may caused existing policy holders to back out and refund their existing investments on PPLIC.

While analizing the issue I found out that Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Co. Inc., is NOT Prudentialife Plans according to the article on ABS CBN News:

PPLIC has been awarded by a London-based Superbrands organization. Including Philippine Prudential in one of the 30 PH Brands. see the article on this link:

Inspite of the countless speculations and rip-off reports about them, PPLIC remains to have a solid standing and guarantee on their plan holders as they released "An Open Letter to the Public" published on Philippine Prudential Life's Official Site. Perhaps, it grants everyone (policyholders) some form of reassurance including me as I'm previously paying my 2nd year on my policy. I’m not concerned about how am I going to refund all the payments just like others who are confused on PPLIC reputation. I still want to continue and finish the entire payment of my insurance policy with them and dont mind the issue about their marketing approach that doesnt seems to make sense as some bloggers claimed that Philippine Prudential Life Scam and untrusted. Philippine Prudential Life is a 48 years old insurance firm one of the most respected and longest running company in the country.


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