I admire Carl Ocab for telling that content is not the king but marketing is. But I’d like to add something. As a Marketing Student, I said this because even though you have a good marketing strategy but if your product doesn’t achieve the satisfaction that your clients want, it is useless. Content is only considered as part of your marketing strategy. And your “product” is your content. Links, advertisement, etc., are only a part of your “promotion”. “Place” is guess what, the Internet and “price” depends on your web host.

4 P’s of Marketing

* Product
* Price
* Place
* Promotion

As you may have noticed, product is in the first place of the list. Its because you should first consider the product you want to market before thinking how to market it. This is the basic. And all else follows. So in the blogging industry today, those who have posts that are worth reading for will be successful.

I hope this post clears things up of what is truly the king, the Content or the Marketing. Because this issue might confuse the readers, so I decided to help clarify things. If there is any consultation you want to make, just email here alvindimla@yahoo.com.

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