Diversifying your Niche

In marketing, there is a term as diversification. Diversification is adding a new product in your product line that will result in an addition of your target market. In blogging, as others use the word niche, target market is the same as your niche. If you diversify your niche, you will also increase your number of readers. This kind of marketing strategy is effective, but don’t let your posts be way off your original niche. As I’m doing now, I have posts about Filipino Traits and culture and at the same time I’m doing posts about the relationship of marketing to blogging.

You might ask, is there a relation between the two. Yes, because the first one shows the right Filipino individual to blog.

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  1. Noelevz said...
    I totally agree with you on this one. I'm constantly thinking of new topics to add. thanks for the info!

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