Dealing Life’s Problem

The Filipino Way

“Dealing Life’s Problem”
Filipinos have their unique way of living life to its fullest. We have a unique way of dealing our problems. If you will a Filipino that has a big problem, he/she will find something that would bring laughter. It’s not a way escaping problem but relieving stress and it would give enough time to think of a solution. According to world statistics, Filipinos is one in the top list of happy people in the world. We always find a to laugh because it is a part of our culture. Another way Filipinos deal with problems is solving it in the earliest time as possible. This is because we have the saying “Don’t delay what you can do today” (Huwag ipag-pabukas ang pwedeng magawa ngayon) I know its not the correct translation of it in English but It is in the same essence. And also the logic behind that is to have fun after solving your problem.

And if someone is experiencing problem, Filipinos helps each other because in return the one they helped is the one would likely to help them if problem comes in their way. And we call such tradition as “Utang na loob” or simply you owe someone. This is commonly seen in the Philippines but individually speaking not all of us. This is natural because not all people are the same.

I hope these positive traits would help the Philippine economy to progress. Unfortunately, what we are seeing now is not the positive but the negative trait of Filipinos, which is going to be discussed in the next article.


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