The statement above follows the “Principle of Equivalent Trade” in which if you read others blog you will receive benefits from doing so. The most common mistake of bloggers is that they disregard this important thing. They only see this as a waste of time and unnecessary for attracting traffic for your blog. But the truth is, it is the most effective way of building your traffic. If you will read the blogs of others, you will have something on your mind to post as a comment. This is the part where you will add a URL of your blog sa that the blog owner would have a chance to check your own. And if by chance, other commentators might be interested in what you commented and this will add to your traffic.

You can also ask them to make a link to your blog in theirs; naturally you will have to them as a link to your blog. This process is following the “Principle of Equivalent Trade”. You have to spend some time for them and they will spend theirs for you which will result for your benefit.


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