I'm so bothered this past few weeks because I don't have anything to post in this Blog. I'm afraid that my blog would be dead, but thank lord it did'nt happened. Thanks to Buraot and Julia my blog is still alive and hopefully be a "grown-up blog". The reason is, I've been busy working on my OJT (On-the-Job-Training) and this contest I joined in. "Convergence: Strategic Marketing for Etrepreneurial Starters" is the complete title of the contest. And the host organization is the Ateneo Junior Marketing Association of Ateneo de Manila University, and they invited our school to join (New Era University). Any business related course students can join here.

Why am I saying this? Its because this is my first time to join a contest and the hotel accomodation is for free. It will be held in Astoria Plaza in Shaw Blvd. and its a two-days and one-night accomodation with my groupmates in one room...(Oyy Buraot, alam ko iniisip mo!! hehe...) Its a defense-like process and our panelists are (hopefully) the CEOs of different companis like HSBC, Lamoiyan, PhilStar, Etc. By the way the image above will link you to the website of AJMA


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