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I read this post from Pinoy Blogero that this entrecard is benefecial to your blog. Why? Because it will boost your traffic and also others. So it is good for all bloggers.

This is the post I read from Pinoy Blogero.

"Over the past few weeks I have been receiving some questions about Entrecard from fellow pinoy bloggers. A lot of them are actually skeptical over the new blogging phenomenon that has been sweeping the blogosphere. Some were concerned on whether Entrecard is effective in getting lots of traffic while others wanted to know if the service is really free.

To save myself from answering the same questions over and over again, I have made a mini-FAQ introducing the basic concept of Entrecard along with the answers to the questions that Pinoy bloggers have.

Hope this helps!

What is Entrecard?
Entrecard is a free advertising exchange network where bloggers can advertise on any blog found in the network for free. It is one of those blogging phenomenon that is quickly sweeping the blogosphere nowadays."

As a testimonial, it already helped my traffic increase. So try it on your own and don't forget to drop card here...


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    walanjo tol ha. talagang ni pair up mo kame ni julia. wahahahaha!
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