Having the largest population in the world, China is prospective market where business tycoons are planning to penetrate. In the past decades, they closed their doors to the world because they want to preserve their culture. They believe that trading with other countries will influence their people and fearing they will lose their culture, traditions, sense of patriotism and etc. But now China is alarmed because their resources are almost depleted so they are forced to import the necessary materials. Lately, China manufactured a new model of car to compete in the world market. And the edge of this new car is it is the cheapest in terms of price. And the top car manufacturers are alarmed because of this and they are developing new ways to decrease their prices too. The country is known because it is a communist country so if someone have something, it must be shared to everyone. That’s the basic principle of “Communism”. Therefore, the macro type of market is suitable for them. And business tycoons are struggling to be the first one to penetrate the market of China because greater benefits is wait for the first one who conducts business with the Chinese. And for the second and the succeeding ones, the only market they will share is the niche markets. That’s the rule of “survival of the fittest” for business minded people.

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  1. Noelevz said...
    Yup I agree with you. Me kasabihan nga "God created the the Heavens and the Earth.. but everything else is MADE IN CHINA!"

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