From an article of “AdEdge” magazine, these books are assumed to help you improve your marketing abilities to make money online and even offline. And also if you are working for a big corporation, you will and I mean “WILL” need these if you don’t want to get fired because of failures.

• “Marketing Revolution” – Paul R. Gamble, Et Al.
• “Creating Passion Brands” Getting to the Heart of Branding – Helen Edwards and Derek Day
• “Brand Failures” The Truth About the 100 Biggest Branding Mistakes of all Time – Matt Haig
• “Steal These Ideas” – Steve Cone
• “The Breakaway Brand” How Greatest Brands Stand Out – Francis J. Kelly III & Barry Silverstein
• “101 Successful Sales Strategies” Top Techniques to Boost Sales Today – Stephen Stiffman
• “The Inner Game of Selling” – Ron Willingham
• “Understanding Brands” – Peter Cheverton
• “Dealing with the Customer from Hell” – Shaun Belding
• “Cheap” The Real Cost of the Global Trend for Bargains, Discounts and Consumer Choice – David Bosshart


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