It is my mistake of saying that I am a nominee for this award. But instead I am one of the winners of this thanks to Julia. Thank You!!


Its my first to be nominated in any blog awards. And I'm glad Julia Aquino is the one who included me in her contest because she has already won several awards in others blogs by voting for her. It only shows that her blog is truly a successful one. And I also want to achieve something.

And guys I need you help on this one, make a post about this and pass this to several other blogs. I will make a "Thank You" post for all of the bloggers who will help me win and this includes a link to your blog.

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u got these...

XXtra Ordinary Blogger Award!

"These blog award is intended only for blogger, who has that intense passion for blogging, always there at my BLOG to greet us, and finally the BLOGGER who is simply XXTRA ORDINARY"

1. Pass this to 7 or more of your worthy friends.
2. You can also pass this to the one who gave it to you.
3. Pass this award to only DESERVING bloggers.
4. No rule number four.

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You can view the full post here:


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