A marketing plan is not a marketing plan unless it has any basis of proof through researching. It has a big chance for failure if your plan is based on guesswork. This is why some Marketing Practitioners and even Marketing Managers get fired by their bosses. They cannot afford to fail because it will cost them the money of the company and even their jobs too, and yet they assumed that the target market is like this and like that, the market is favorable for them, etc. It is not just a necessity but a crucial thing for your marketing plan to take effect.

An exmple of a successful marketing plan is the "1st Day High" of Unilevel Philippines. Before the Marketing Campaign was lauched, they had undergone a series of marketing research. And the research says that the most critical time for a student is 1st day of school. Because it is the time for a student where you will meet new friends. But waht if your underarm is wet, it will be a big turn-off. Remember "firs impressions last". And by the time the campaign shoot off, many caught its attention and made it very successful. And for my last words, removing guesswork in your marketing plan does not necessarily mean that it is a 100% success, it only reduces your chance of failing.


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