At first I was shocked that a huge company like Microsoft has a large money to buy another huge company like that of Yahoo. Stipulation from emails says that Microsoft wants monopoly in the Internet search field. For me it is good for the both of them. Why? Because its much easier to maneuver the dominance of Google in the said field. And as an opinion from a Marketing Student, I would say if the monopoly in the Internet search field will take place it will be synonymous with the word "Globalization".

Here is the news that came out from CNN:

(CNN) -- News that Microsoft was making a $44.6 billion bid to buy Yahoo was greeted with skepticism by many users on Friday.

The word "monopoly" came up repeatedly in e-mails from people concerned that Microsoft would stifle competition in the Internet search field.

Other readers said that Microsoft and Yahoo were a perfect fit and the deal would be good for consumers.

Shaun Carney said the deal would even help arch-rival Google.

"I think the increased competition this merger brings will force Google to stay on top of its game by offering more innovative Internet tools and expanding on the tools it already offers," he said.

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