(I saw this first in Yugatech.)As this post came out in readwriteweb.com, it shocked me that it is possible that ther would be SUCCESSFUL copycat of Digg. Some said that Yahoo! Buzz might overtake the Digg taffic, not just for the tech blogs but also for other niche blogs. readwriteweb.com also reported this:

Early Publisher Results – Yahoo! Buzz Beta (Feb 27, 2008 – Mar 10, 2008):

· Salon.com reached over 1 million uniques in one day for the first time in the company's 12-year history, after Yahoo.com linked to one of their highly "buzzed" stories (they issued this press release)

· US Magazine: In part due to a Yahoo.com link, February 27th was the second highest day in overall Usmagazine.com traffic since its launch in June 2006. Referral visits from the Yahoo! homepage accounted for 32% of total visits that day.

· When Yahoo.com linked to one of their stories, The Smoking Gun received approximately 1 million additional page views over their average traffic, with over 275,000 visitors coming from the Yahoo! homepage.

· Portfolio.com (part of Conde Net) received over half a million referral visits from a Yahoo.com “Buzzing Now” link.

· HuffingtonPost received over 800,000 unique visitors from Yahoo.com in one day.

· Dallas Morning News’ traffic spiked as a result of their Yahoo.com “Buzzing Now” link, making the featured story their most viewed single story on dallasnews.com that day.

· Imaginova: Space.com and LiveScience.com articles were featured and linked to directly from Yahoo!'s homepage and both sites saw significant increases in daily visitors and traffic after being featured for just 2 hours.

And as a Marketing Graduate, there is a big possiblity of happening. And also don't forget, Yahoo! has the largest pie in the market. We can say that Yahoo! Buzz can generate traffic by up to ten times of what Digg have.


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