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Blessed is the company whose trademark is recognized throughout the world. Coca-cola, Pepsi, Xerox, Kodak, Shell, Mc Donald’s, etc. however international marketers should remember that international trademark recognition is built country-by-country: it is neither necessary nor cost-effective to try a “Global Launch” of a previously unseen trademark. On the other hand, however, the international marketer should remember that a brand name or trademark is an important method of positioning in the international market. As the enterprise begins to successfully introduce its product in country after country, it should be certain to develop a clear, unique, attractive trademark or brand, as well as to utilize that trademark or brand in all of is promotional activities, consistently from the beginning. Only if the enterprise does this there is a chance that, by the time it truly does achieve “globality”, its trademark or brand will be recognized worldwide and achieve a ready, pre-positioned market for each of its new products worldwide.

These are four branding strategies for the international market.

• Corporate Umbrella Branding (the same brand for all products of the same enterprise)

• Family Umbrella Branding (the same brand for products of a group of enterprise e.g. subsidiaries)

• Range Branding (the same branding for all products of a certain range or typed produced by a certain enterprise)

• Individual Brand Names (specific brand names for each products produced by the same enterprise)

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