Would you visit a store that has given you a bad customer service in the past? Its true that customer service is a vital element for building "Customer Relationship" but the question is, what kind of relationship do you want to build "Good" or "Bad" relationship? The answer will depend on the "front line" of the business. Here are some reasons why there is a Bad Customer Service:

1. Customer Representatives are snobbish: There are some people that has a nature of being snobbish. This is particularly for the salesladies, specially if they're in a bad mood. This kind of attitude may for the customers to switch to store to buy what they need because the customer reps cannot satisfy what them. And most of all it may give them a bad impression.

2. Customer Representatives have a short temper: This happens when a customer have some much question, when a customer gives orders one after another, and when a customer can't decide what to buy. Its the right of the customer, the only way they can do is to train themselves to be more patient.

3. Poor Customer Retention: If this is the case, it is the customer who may have a short temper. It gives the customers an impression that their services are slow, and remember everyone wants a fast service. These cases are more common in the restaurant and call center services. In the first place, sorry to say this but they should not be hired because they are not suited for the job.

Here are additional bad habits:

4. Employees hang up on angry customers.
5. Employees eat, drink or chew gum while talking with customers on the phone.
6. Employees request that customers call them back when the employees aren't so busy.
7. Your employees freely admit to customers that they hate their jobs.

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