Huge Tragedy in Myanmar

With over 22,500 killed and 41,000 missing most of them from a massive storm surge that washed over the Irrawaddy delta, it will be a long time before Myanmar can restore to its previous self. The place that were really devastated is in Yangun.

Aid officials estimate hundreds of thousands are homeless in the swamplands of the delta southwest of the biggest city Yangon, which was also hard hit by last weekend's storm.

Aid groups and governments, including U.S. President George W. Bush, have urged the secretive military to relax their tight grip to allow humanitarian assistance into Myanmar, which has been ruled by the military for 46 years.

In a rare news conference on Tuesday, Information Minister Kyaw Hsan appealed for help, saying "the government needs the cooperation of the people and well-wishers from home and abroad."

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