This post came from my second blog and I posted it here because I wanted to share it with you.

I know that many of you see in other blogs these peel ads on the top right corner or top left corner of some website. What do you do when you see one? Do you hover your mouse over there to see what the ad is? Do you click the word “Click here”? This is a proven way for earning money online, and if you’re an “affiliate marketer” you will surely receive a new sign-up within a day and many can testify with this.

How it works?

The customer sees a small animated “Click Here” on any corner of a page. Once he or she passes his mouse over it the Web site”Peels Away” to show the Ad. You can see the example picture above or click here for a live demo. It is a sure way to get new attention to your blog. And in effect you will gain more readers.

How do I Put Peel Away Ads On My Blog?

First, visit this site then order your copy of the script. And install it on your blog platform the instructions is included in each copy you will order.

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  1. imDavidLee said...
    thanks for sharing of ur peel away ads.. but ifeel that this type of ads may encourage people to click if compared to google ads..
    aka Procne said...
    Hi. is this the one you talked about the income opp you mentioned earlier?

    do you know how to increase traffic?

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