If you will ask the racing car fanatics "which brand of car would you like to buy for yourself and why?" Honda will surely come into their heads and what is the reason? They will answer "because it costs less than other brand but Honda has high quality and also it has the trendy design that they love. And now Honda made a "Live Advert", meaning this has no take 1, take 2, etc.

A team of elite skydivers attempt to form the letters H, O, N, D and A in sequence, within a three minute time limit. This was originally shown on 29th May 2008, this is the first ever truly live three minute TV ad shown in the UK and this Ad is taken from Spain. For some years now, other car brands have started their own viral marketing strategy to promote their. It was not that difficult because they were the ones who started and they have rivals yet for the time being. And Honda now started their own with no CUTS. It would be hard to do but for Honda, "Difficult is worth doing". You can the videos below and see how many things you can do eve if it is difficult. Compare the quality of their ads and their cars (Accord) and tell how marvelous it is.

Sponsored by Honda

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  1. bloggista said...
    It's probably the thrill of doing something hard is what make people do difficult things. There's the feeling of accomplishment at its best when you did something hard but successfully did it.
    Sedna said...
    Everything is sweet when you've worked hard for it.

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