This is my of "Top 10 Emerging Influential Blog in 2008", I know many of you know who the man in the picture is but for those who doesn't, its the world's famous blogger John Chow. I will be nominating here ten of my favorite blogs, of course these blogs are the most influential and famous for me. I don't think that someone will nominate me because of the current status of my blog, it doesn't have that much traffic as to those whom I will be mentioning. But if think this blog is an influential one, nominate me here, and get a chance to win $100.

Here is my list:

*Joliber Mapiles - He's into many gigs in making money.

*Bloggista - A good blogging friend of mine.

*Julia Aquino - I wonder whats her secret?

*Bloggersunleashed - I'm amazed at him to criticize the A-List Blogs.

* - I like the cute baby on his blog.

* - I'm amazed at him on how he promote Mar Roxas.

* - Being proud to be a Filipino, the evidence is in his domain name

* - This is one of the blogs that I first encountered.

* - Coz his my schoolmate.

*Make Money Online w/ Gusher - His explanation are very simple.

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  1. Kevin Ray said...
    Please do check out and see if it deserves your list.

    bloggista said...
    Very kind of you bro. Thanks for the mention. I am greatly honored. . I appreciate it very much - kahit di ako mananalo, hehe, masaya pa din :-) said...
    Hi. Please note that the following blogs started before July 2007.

    *Pinoy Ambisyoso
    *Pinoy Money Talk

    Let me know when you update so I can include them. Thank you.
    julia~ said...
    uy thnx sa mention ha? btw, vinote din kita because i think you deserve it too.
    batanggenyo said...
    wow...thank you very much for nominating my blog. you really deserve my vote also...thanks again.
    pacute said...
    Tnx bro!!! Goodluck! said...
    Hello. This is to mark your entry as complete. See you on August 11. Thank you.
    Richard the Adventurer said...

    I hope to see you on Bloggers EB... Hehe :)

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