I was shocked about the news, and when I read this post I am more convinced that its true. This blogger is saying that experts predicted an 8.1 magnitude earthquake will the Philippines. She got this from an email "thousands will die!!" If you want to read it click here. And also if want to find out what happened last Sunday click here.

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  1. 8.1 Magnitude Earthquake on July 18, 2008 said...
    kakatakot nman pag nangyari talaga. geez!!!
    Make Money Online w/ Gusher said...
    hehe, sana mka.abot dn ung post q pra xa seo campaign. here's mine:

    Earthquake on July 18, 2008 - Daroose's Prediction

    aeirin said...
    hey thanks for linking my blog...

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