I know the title is too long but this article will surely clear things up. My interview with Joey Mead about the recent Philippine Flag Scandal as other bloggers say is via email. Yes! She answered my questions via email! This interview happened on June 30 this year, why that long? Well, I think its an appropriate time now to show what the lady(Joey Mead0 feels about the issue that shook her whole image.

This is the exact conversation happened:

Jan Alvin Dimla(me): Can I ask an interview question with you? I'm just a blogger searching for truth. What can you say about the Philippine flag scandal saying that you disgraced the National Flag? What can you to those proliferating this issue? Will you join the Binibining Pilipinas? Coz thats what some blogs say about you. Thank you for your, I will gladly be waiting for your respose. Thank You!

Joey Mead: Hi Jan..the only time i commented about it was in Tim Yaps column in the philippine star last sat 21st..if you want to read it..im sure you can look it up:)

The Binibining is not true..but i think thats funny;p Also Jan if people stopped fussing & looked at the magazine, im missing three stars..;p
Good day to you..i hope your blogs are positive & pro-active:)

Here is a sample article made by Tim Yap in Philippine Star:

Tim Yap: It’s funny how our countrymen go to emotional lengths to partake in every story (not that I see anything wrong with it), not to mention the amount of judgement passed just to make every vote and sigh count.

The democracy we chose entails us to action, but let us not forget to get the facts straight. Uh, by the way, Joey Mead is not British. Some parts of her life were spent in Australia, but she is part Filipina, part Iranian. And her middle name is del Pilar, yes as in Marcelo H. Del Pilar. Okay, it’s all in the Rogue cover story, just grab a copy.

If you want to read the full article please click here.And before I end this post, I want to thank Joey Mead for giving time to answer the issue about her. I hope this post will help clear things up about her. Thank You for Reading.

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  1. Jehzeel Laurente said...
    wow.. pano mo nakuha email nya? hehehe... buti sumagot agad siya sa email mo.. astig :D
    Sedna said...
    hehehe. well, gusto rin niya kasing malinawan ang lahat.
    zaldy said...
    all I can say is that she's sexy \m/ looks cool :-)
    chuvaness said...
    wahaaw...do you have piolo's email address too?? hahhahaha

    have a nice day to you
    fabandfurious said...
    wow big time you interviewed her! hehehe by the way, please vote for us in Idol Blog '08! Please visit our site to submit your vote. Thanks much! Cheers! :)

    The Fab and The Furious
    Jan Alvin said...
    @zaldy - she is sexy from inside out

    @chuvaness - haha! don't worry I'll find that for you too.

    @fabandfurios - I'll vote for you too.
    sexy celebrities said...
    wow galing nyo naman po..

    how come you got her email..

    grabe talaga, saludo ako..

    anyway, pwede po ba tyo mg exchange links?

    eto po blog ko po Hot Celebrities
    Sedna said...
    Umm. May source po kc ako. hehe

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