I just got back home from the event night (I was there), when curiousity came in my head and searched if someone already posted any info about it. Then I saw Jehzeel Laurente has already a post of it and The Manila BLog Times. It was fast! This years' most influential bloggers with project organizer Ms Janette Toral. This is the official site of the the top ten emerging influential blogs of 2008. Heres the list of the winners: ( I won $100 in the raffle! Yesss!)

  1. Manila Foodistas

  2. Filipino Voices

  3. Bariles Republic

  4. Fritzified

  5. Da Who

  6. Missing Carlo

  7. The Not So Talented Delfin Montano

  8. You Got Tech

  9. Mar Roxas for President 2010

  10. The Music Blogger

  11. Visit Sagada

  12. Davao Delicious

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  1. Jehzeel Laurente said...
    syempre, iba na yung nauna :D hehehe
    janettetoral.com said...
    Congratulations for winning the raffle. Thank you for all the support!
    Sedna said...
    Thanks you!
    Richard the Adventurer said...
    Hello :)

    Congrats sa mga nanalo! I was there...
    Pinkoy said...
    Hey congrats! Nga pala jan thanks for always droppin by my blog and mentoring me on SEOs and SERPs (kahit di ko masyadong alam kung ano ibig sabihin ng mga ito haha!) Medyo mabagal adsense ko pero that's ok maybe soon.

    All the best :)

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