This is what Bloggista and Joliber Mapiles believes so they are planning to launch a new group. Because they believe that there is power in number, they are inviting a number of 10 people who wants to join this Core Group and will have discussion on Friday, 13th of June at a dinner hosted by Bloggista and Joliber. Time and venue will be communicated to those who are interested in joining.

Some details:

Why organizing a new group?

We need a group that encompasses bloggers from all walks of life. Everyone can be a member (even if you’re not a Filipino - as long as you’re willing to make some sponsorship on the group’s outreach activities - LOL). Seriously, doesn’t matter if you blog on Blogger or Wordpress, pro or newbie, blogging in English, Tagalog, or any other dialect - you are welcome as member. Membership will be divided into two categories:

* Locals for bloggers within Metro Manila and nearby areas who can regularly attend group activities and programs.

* Patrons for bloggers who are outside Metro Manila or outside the Philippines but still you want to participate on the group’s advocacies.

Even if you are already a member of another Blogger Group, you are most welcomed to join.

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  1. Joliber Mapiles said...
    this is a good move jan alvin.. hope to see you there..
    Sedna said...
    Yeah I'll be there!
    bloggista said...
    Thanks for joining us Jan Alvin. It was a pleasure. Now, let's do some real work. Check it out soon.
    Sedna said...
    Salamat din po, and gusto ko po ung plan natin.

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