How are Movers & Shakers Calculated?

The movers and shakers list is based on changes in average reach (numbers of users). For each site on the net, we compute the average weekly reach and compare it with the average reach during previous weeks. The more significant the change, the higher the site will be on the list. The percent change shown on the Movers & Shakers list is based on the change in reach. It is important to note that the traffic rankings shown on the Movers & Shakers page are weekly traffic rankings; they are not the same as the three-month average traffic rankings shown in the other Alexa services and are not the same as the reach numbers used to generate the list.

Here are the list:

Moving Up: - 822% ~ Weekly Traffic Rank: 80 (was 858)

2.Spread Firefox - 4,400% ~ Weekly Traffic Rank: 715 (was 30,948) - 123% ~ Weekly Traffic Rank: 333 (was 728) - 23% ~ Weekly Traffic Rank: 333 (was 728)

5.Xbox - 62% ~ Weekly Traffic Rank: 401 (was 519)

Moving Down: - 66% ~ Weekly Traffic Rank: 7,850 (was 2,502) - 71% ~ Weekly Traffic Rank: 8,098 (was 2,195)

3.Kiabi - 53% ~ Weekly Traffic Rank: 2,951 (was 1,698) - 94% ~ Weekly Traffic Rank: 107,179 (was 1,943) - 89% ~ Weekly Traffic Rank: 74,379 (was 5,076)

For more info about the list click here.

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