Top Affiliate Challenge

Top Affiliate Challenge is a TV show showcasing 12 Internet Marketers from around the world will be competing for a "Link In A Basket". This is a Real-Time TV show, so you can observe what they are currently doing. There are 3 competing teams namely Team Pepperjam, Team Toolbarn and Team And the Team Leaders are, for Pepperjam - Ken McArthur, for Toolbarn - Shoemoney and for Team - its John Chow. Personally my vote goes to John Chow, because John is seemingly the top contender for the challenge. Some updates of the challenge - Lately Team Toolbarn gave up the challenge even before the challenge has started, team leader said "OK, let’s face it. John Chow and Team XY7.COM is too strong. They got this thing in the bag. I don’t even know why I should bother to try and beat them." But now they're up and going now in fact, they have a new offer now. Click here.

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